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THE NEW BLACK « With A Grin“


Germany‘s Heavy Rockers THE NEW BLACK release „With A Grin“, the second song of their upcoming record „A Monster‘s Life“, out on Feb 26th.

„You wanted heavy, we give you heavy… A song about a monster has to sound like one!
This baby has been in the set already at last year‘s summer tour with Black Label Society.
It‘s a blast to play that riff! The song then underwent some changes before recording it with producer Jacob Hansen.
Now it‘s even heavier. Gravity, take this! Ha! Lyrically, it deals with someone trying to lead a fulfilling life, knowing well that this leaves way too much collateral damage.
And don‘t we look hot as ‘The Lounge Black‘ in the video? As always: Crank it, tell your friends, share it, and play it again!“

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